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How often do I need to exercise?

  • It is often recommended to start with 3-4 sessions a week, at around 30-40 minutes. You progress from there. This is why it is important to seek guidance from a dedicated trainer to help prevent overuse or injury.

Can I just work out at a gym like regular fitness enthusiasts?

  • A strength training program involves specific research designed to meet specific measured goals customized to each individual. A dedicated program will deliver faster and longer lasting results.

Do I need to diet as well as exercise?

  • I try to discourage "diets" since they are often just temporary. I encourage healthy eating through permanent changes that you can live with. A healthy diet, along with exercise, will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals than either one alone.

How long does it take to see results?

  • This depends on the individual. In general, 8-12 weeks when following a dedicated fitness plan. Feeling results are generally more immediate when taking into account reduced stress and increased energy.

Outdoor Pushups


Flexible packaages to suit all levels of training and nutrition to help achieve your fitness goals

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